Leopold d.o.o. is a private transport logistics company founded in 1997 in Osijek. We are engaged in road transport of goods both in the Republic of Croatia and in all countries of Europe.

The company is developing in three sectors: logistics, own transport and a capital sector (of own investments – real estate).




E-MAIL: prodaja@leopold.hr


The sale of real estate.

The capital made in the logistics sector and own transport are invested in the third sector of own investments – construction and sale of real estate.


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Svilajska 35
31000 Osijek

Tel: 00385/31/280-588
Fax: 00385/31/280-585

Email: info@leopold.hr


Our mission is the independent development of our company through a transparent relationship with a huge network of business partners with the goal of finding the most affordable solution for our customers. Responsibility, trust and consultations lead to the best – most affordable solution.

The ability of solving the hardest problems comes from years of business experience and tradition.

With the goal of timely reaction and satisfaction of our current, but also potential customers, we make everyday investments into new knowledge and keep track of the demands of the transport market in terms of supply and demand


Continuous efforts are made so that our customers and partners recognise Leopold Company as a reliable partner that bases its activity on principles of high quality and business excellence, which come as a result of years of presence in transport, forwarding, freight and rounding all these areas with logistics into a unit.

We believe that our greatest values are responsibility, trust and innovation.


We are strengthening the current position with the expansion of a network of quality business partners in order to reach the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

We are making continuous investments into and fostering excellent business relationships with existing customers, exploring growth opportunities through new forms of cooperation with new industries.

Our goal is to become a leader, not in the region, but in the eyes of our customers and suppliers.

We are making continuous investment of our own equity in the quality and development of our own transport.

We are investing in professional staff in order to be competitive, innovative and reliable.


Our team is composed of professional, highly motivated employees with years of experience in the field in which Leopold Company carries out its activities.

Our every employee is capable to provide and do a complete logistics procedure in transport services on any required route.

Daily education and monitoring the market makes us capable of responding to any kind of demand.


Our references are our satisfied customers in transport for the whole of Europe and beyond in the fields of:

  • Paper industry (paper and cardboard packaging)

  • Wood industry

  • Black and non-ferrous metallurgy

  • Chemical industry

  • Agriculture (fertilizer and agricultural products)

  • Food industry

  • Raw materials for the plastics industry


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